Friday, December 14, 2007

December 14, 2007

December 14, 2007

Batch #2

December 14, 2007

December 14, 2007

Well kids, it's the last blog until next semester. I worked harder than intended on this project, but I did enjoy the process. After discussions with the Planning director and Parks and Recretion director, we decided I would attempt to find some new locations for parks within the Town of Fletcher. I set four main criteria: parcel size must be equal to or greater than 5 acres, price per acre must be equal to or less than $60,000, land use must be either vacant or not in use, and parcels must be outside the manufacturing zoning district.

I created many more maps than required, but I thought would be essential to the analysis. These include zoning, land use, existing parks, natural resources, and slope. A few additional maps illustrate the number of parcels remaining after applying various criteria. I then used the buffer analysis to prevent new parks from being located too close to the interstate, airports, manufacturing district, and existing parks. Out of the 3,311 parcels in the Town of Fletcher, only four parcels met all criteria. One parcel was chosen from these four as the best site for a potential pocket park. But don't look for a new park just yet. I don't suspect the Town has over $200,000 to purchase the land right now. Still the analysis was fun.

My father is doing just fine. He'll be at home for at least 4 more weeks and it seems as though my parents are having a good time together. My husband and I will be going there for the Christmas holiday.

Until next semester, have a nice break and I'll see some of you next semester.

Friday, December 7, 2007

December 7, 2007

No maps to post this week, but don't worry, you'll have plenty next week. I've enjoyed working on this assignment, because it gives you a practical problem to solve. I've decided to find new park locations for the Town of Fletcher. I created some criteria to analyze, such as parcel size, price per acre, zoning, and land use. I then buffered some of the layers, such as airports, interstates, existing parks, and industrial zoning. I've been able to develop a lot of neat maps. Unfortunately, with all the criteria there aren't that many parcels left. Look for the maps next week.

My dad is doing okay. He jokingly said he started exercising the other day...bench pressing with a pool stick. This from a former weight-lifter.