Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 24, 2008

I revised the AB Tech Campus map to illustrate new features in the geodatabase. I created subtypes for the sidewalk layer by noting its condition, which ranges from good to fair based on the integer 1 to 3. The sidewalk conditions are shown in brown with various line styles. I also created a coded value domain for the parking lot layer to note valid parking by faculty, students, and other. There did not appear to be any changes to the map based on the domain. Nor did I see the domain choices while editting. I must be doing something incorrectly. Finally, I added a topology class in the geodatabase. The topology rule states that buildings must not overlap others buildings in the feature class. Several errors were found, which are illustrated in red on the map.
Herb and I are off to Charlotte to visit my in-laws for the Thanksgiving holiday. Should be very exciting.

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